Monday, March 29, 2010


If you've got time to actually come to this page and read this, you've got time to chat with me on msn =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally some time...

OK here i am, as i promised.

Exams are finally over and i'm having a tingling feeling because i'm no quite sure what i want to do right now.
Head feels like exploding and my entire body feels void of energy. Hmm so for dome updates.

Time has passed so quickly, this semester i've been quite a mugger *chuckles at the thought that kelvin became a mugger*

My initial plan was to take up a pharmacology study plan over here, but during my first week of school, i attended this Chemical Biology lecture and was lost. Dropped the course the next moment, along with a Principles of pharmocology though i have yet to attend that lecture.

The courses i ended up taking were:

PHYS1171 - Physical Basis of Biology something
lol forgot the name, basically physics

BIOM2208 - Developmental Biology
About embryogenesis, stem cells and limb formation... patterning etc. Interesting to learn, a pain to remember and the exam is the one i have the least confidence in.

BIOM2012 - System Physiology
About the body, physiology stuff. Like lung functions, heart functions, parasympathetic vs sympathetic, nerual.... stress.... renal and pancreatic functions. I initially thought that it's similar to what i've learnt in nuh, but it turned to out to be much much more. I learnt more about the normal function and less about the pathology. Which is very different from my diploma. But all in all, i could cope with it.

MICR3001 - Microbial and Human Health
Hah. Something i was the most familiar with but similarly with BIOM2012, I learnt so much more indept over here. It's about diseases caused by microbes and stuff. Interesting but the paper was a let down. =( The exam questions that came out were super unpredicted. Though i have to thank NUH for prep-ing me with the knowledge about dengue haha!

If anyone is interested in taking the course next or the future semesters, please let me know and i can pass the notes to you.

Yea, so the plan changed from the pharmacology and toxicology to the immunology and infectious disease plan.

Managed to met quite a few interesting people from these courses as well. And i was in the same class as Teresa(Nuh junior) and jiaqi(poly 1st year IS classmate).


My parents came over to see how i was doing for a bit, and stayed for around a week in my room. For photos please go to FB to see. They toured the city in the day while i was in school studying and made dinner for me when i'm back. yea thats about it.


I've been cooking almost every other day unless i crave for things i can't cook. And i think after all these cooking, the one thing i have improved is my egg beating skills. From lumpy to frothy! haha!

I also caused a mini-explosion by stupidly pouring water into a pot of boiling oil, catalyzing the reaction, resulting in a sudden burst of fire. Didn't get burnt or what. But my hair had wax on and the max melted, along with the hair that they were on. =( was so paranoid about the melting that i kept pulling my hair for like 2 days.

oh that reminds me, I cut my hair in brisbane city. So how was it? 2 words. Cheat money -.-
Was cheated $39.90 for the stupid hair cut. Cut already cannot not pay right. lol!


I'm not going back in nov as i intended to. Instead, i'm staying over for the summer semester to do a vacation project and then return back to SG in Feb. So people! can start booking me for dates!


Realized that when i came here, all my friends had things going on between them. In the sense that they either quarrel and stop talking, or just went MIA.

PEOPLE! PLEASE. Just because i'm not that doesn't mean that it's not fun to hang out! *chuckles*

I hope you guys solve your disputes soon. I don't want to go back to separated cliques of friends.


Been to the gym over here. I dare say that it's one of the best i've been to. Equipments are great, not air-conditioned but who needs it when it's generally cooler here. The only thing is the price's a bit steep. $500 for a year. I don't go gym that often. probably once or twice a week? Hmm shall wait for offer to come.


I bought an acoustic guitar from this shop in town, It's by Squire. I thought it's a solid top. But i think it's a laminated now, though it still does look like a solid. Oh well, $169 only haha. Can't bargain for more.


So I'm gonna be quite bored for the next 3 months. especially during the christmas and new year week. If anyone wanna come brisbane for holidays then, do let me know! Just grab a cheap ticket here and i will settle your lodging! FREE! wooo how great is that! And i can bring you around that time too.

So come on! Be tempted! haha!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

After some time...


It's been while since i last post anything. Exams are coming and i'm studying pretty hard for it.

But i will update once exams are over... or when i'm too bored studying for it.

Gonna make a series of posts, perhaps summarising what happened each month, as much as i can remember.

Yea. So good luck to everyone who's going to take their exams and hope that you all don't fall sick due to the stress! though... technically we would onl fall sick AFTER exams because that's when our cortisol level drops... hmm back to studying!

Last note.

I HATE %#@&*&^@# PHYSICS!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Life, New place, New friends, New...

The last time I blog was 2 months ago, and its was just a simple note saying that i've ORD.

Well, life after ORD. What about it?

As the word life implies, i have my life back. Though not the same anymore. With a 16kg load off my body, new physique, new outlook, new friends, new purpose in life, things are still pretty much the same.

Except that i'm in Brisbane now.

I've flew here for my studies in early july and now live somewhere near school. Just 5mins walk away.

This past 3 or 4 weeks have been interesting. New people, new places, new environment and all. Different cultures, different accent, different people.

I went from knowing nothing about brisbane and australia, to knowing a bit more from nothing about this place. It's still quite foreign to me, as i'm foreign to it. Do i miss singapore?

Yes i do. I miss the convenience of waking up to a train system that i know that if i miss the train, 3mins later one will pop up. I miss the convenience of going to ta-bau a $2.50 cai-peng from the foodcout that's just 5mins away. I miss the cashier aunties in ntuc who would never ask me whether i have a good day or not and just ask for a link card which i never have.

There are other things i miss too.

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss the temperature of singapore(not that its terrible here. It's fantastic!). I miss the unlimited broadband all over singapore. And of course, i couldn't leave this out. I miss my bed.

My bed in singapore was a queen size bed. My bed here is a single bed which i think its JUST enough for my height. My pillow in singapore is hard, and comfy at the same time. I have to squeeze 2 soft pillows into a single case over here to get a somewhat similar effect.

But i guess living here taught me certain stuff. Stuff like how each and every person has an innate ability to small talk. And how to deal with the idiosyncracies of everyone.

I used to dislike talking to people i don't know. First i'm shy, 2nd its too much of a hassle.

But over here, i can't ignore them. They, being strangers, will ask you how was your day, how are you etc etc. And if you don't reply, you would be like a snobbish prick who is just plain rude and unfriendly.

I even have to thank the bus driver everytime i get off the bus. Its just something i have to do because everybody's doing it. Just like how people queue up for the nasi lemak in changi village. Monkey see, monkey do. But oh well, it's the culture here.

And because of that, i feel weird sometimes when i'm alone in a shop with an ang-moh. Because i know the ang-moh is itching to talk to me. About anything and everything. So i activated this ability and came up with random crap about anything and everything and see how it goes.

Putting culture aside, I'm living in a house with 7 rooms in it. Sharing with 7 other people but now only 5. Made quite a number of friends here and there. There is the jonathan and his friends and their friends group. There is the munro group. There is the carmody girl and her friends group. And there's meryl and faith's group. All of them are singaporean.

Then there are the friends i've already known. Yan xia and alicia. Haven't seen alicia yet though.

My housemates are quite fun to hang around with. There was adeline when i moved in, but she graduated and moved away to melbourne to work; but had fun getting to know her and all. Jonathan is suppose to move into her room. But i think he stay in the manors with issa and muzz till too shiok, don't feel like staying here haha.

There's maria, the doctor to be. Staying in the biggest room in the house and the most comfy of them all i think. Somewhat like an oasis in a desert. haha. Then there's teresa, the girl who lives 1 floor above me and complains about me making loud footsteps when i walk around in my room. In my defense, so does she, even though she has tried ways and means to not be so loud haha. So its just the house la.

Then there's li dong, the quiet guy who stays in room 3. We don't hang around much. So yea...

Then my neighbour, whom i'm sharing the toilet with, Louie. Then there are louie's friends who are quite fun and interesting people themselves. For the past few days, we have been hanging out in the living room till it's time to sleep.

I think i've missed out quite a number of people, partly because i don't know exactly where to place them into.

And for people who keeps asking me questions, this shall be a standard reply.

I'm doing fine.

I've settled down already.

School just started.

So far so good.

I'm coping okay.

So please read that before asking me anymore. Though i sincerely thank you all for your concerns. really =)

Life here is pretty boring. But i'm a boring person. So it suits me haha. I'm one who is easily satisfied with the way things are. Except for certain things that would probably make my housemates laugh when they read this.

I'm signing off with wishes to everyone who i couldn't miss birthday to, either because i didn't had the chance to, forgot about or just didn't bother about. So yea. happy birthday in advance or belated whichever applies! Ciao~

Friday, June 5, 2009


Not many words. Just 3 letters.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 years

I finally passed my Ippt. Took me close to 2 years to achieve that. lol

Should be seeing my CPL rank soon. Not that i really care haha. I'm gonna go in less than 2 months anyway. =D

SBJ: 218 (2nd try =x)
Chin-Up/Pull-Up: 6 (all over-graft. could do more. but why bother? lol)
Shuttle run: 9.99
Sit-up: 40
2.4: 11.52

Wooo~ huge improvement from my last ippt. last year. which was...

SBJ: 203
Chin-Up/Pull-Up: 2 (i cheated a little bit. the 10% and 90% thing i mentioned previously lol)
Shuttle run: 10.6 (i think?)
Sit-up: 40 (piece of cake la... since bmt lol)
2.4: 13.30

Anyway, now my current weight is 70.1Kg. Heh.

And i still haven go back to gym =X

Went to sheena's concert the other day. Heng was commenting that my weight loss programme is a success. but he thinks i look better when i was fat. =X could it be the hair?

Haha oh well~ ORD in 2 months!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Colorgenics (2)

Hmm been a... unhappy week for me. Had some problem that occured. And I don't know what to do about it.

So i decided to do the colorgenics again. The colors i picked this time were different.

Is it that you are working - or even playing - too hard? Because it would seem that you are experiencing a great deal of pent-up emotion at this time which could possibly take effect and lead to irrational behaviour.

You are working extremely hard trying to improve your image. You need for those people in positions that matter to recognise your potential and to acknowledge you.

You are a rather inhibited sort of person. This could be the result of your upbringing or of your schooling, whatever. You are able to obtain satisfaction from various forms of physical or emotional activity but all in all you are inclined to be emotionally withdrawn. As a consequence of this you find it difficult to sustain any deep involvement.

You are feeling full of uncertainty and worrying over what you consider as missed opportunities. This is causing considerable stress and tension. You feel that there must be more to life than the constant pressures and anxieties - that surely life must hold far more opportunities than that which it has to date presented to you. You sincerely believe that there must be a simpler way to tap life's hidden recourses and should you be able to find that way - you could achieve your hearts desire. It's the not knowing 'how' that is affording you the constant worry. You are constantly probing and seeking - trying to ensure that at all times you are on your guard against missing any opportunity. 'Enough is enough'. You are anxious to avoid further setbacks. You are strenuously trying to make sure that you will not be overlooked and you badly need security.

There is that inherent fear that you may be prevented from attaining the better things in life - those things that you consider essential to your well-being. So you are prepared to try everything to prove to yourself that whatever you do or try will go wrong. This destructive attitude could come under the heading of 'a self fulfilling prophesy'. This belittling yourself is your method of disguising how hopeless and what a waste of time you feel that everything is. So now turn it about. As you 'think', so you are... So 'imagine' yourself successful. 'Pretend', 'act it out' and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I'm surprised again. Well I think the whole thing was trying to explain a really really really vague meaning of that i'm lost. Which i really am. So it did a good job loosing me. lol.


Somebody help me =X